Color By Number

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Convert your favorite image content to customizable, easy to print, paint-by-number patterns by relying on this handy application with a user-friendly interface

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If you are interested in visual arts, you probably want a convenient way to exercise your hobby and refine your artistic qualities with fast results. While you can always pay for a teacher or attend an art class, there are always easier and less expensive methods, such as relying on third-party software.

Although it not might be as efficient as a qualified mentor, Color By Number can help you familiarize with basic color concepts and techniques with ease.

Simple user interface

Given that it comes with a minimalistic, rather outdated design, you can easily understand many of its functions and start using the program to its full extent as soon as you finish setting it up.

This application can only open and save to CND (specific) format, yet it features additional import and export functions, which allow you to modify multiple pictures and convert the result to various formats. Some of the supported file types are JPG, TIF, BMP and PNG.

In addition, when importing content, you can select several source types, such as files on your disk or clipboard entries, but you can also use the scanner or an external camera to generate new photos.

Interesting concept

Color By Number allows you to edit most of the images on your computer by allowing you to convert them to paint-by-number patterns, which you can easily print afterwards, if you want to.

Before actually converting your picture, it is possible to apply certain adjustments, such as rotate, resize, sharpen or smooth. Furthermore, you can choose from a list of several paint sets, in order to customize your content in a more detailed manner.

Useful print support

This handy utility provides you with printing support, if you want hard-copies of your projects that you can practice on or if you want to tutor somebody else.

To sum it up, Color By Number is an application that comes with an interesting concept of turning your images into paint-by-number patterns.

Color By Number was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
Last updated on September 18th, 2015
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