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EPS 2 - Event Photography Systems Version 2 is a complete event photography software focused on the challenges of event photography.

As such EPS uses a configurable and streamlined workflow to maximize the turn around of high volume photography.

The time from shutter activation to sale is one of the most critical parameters in event photography and the EPS software application will help you greatly to cut it down to an absolute minimum.

Here are some key features of "EPS":

■ Stand alone or network operation.
■ Client server operation.
■ Start number search.
■ Category browsing.
■ Integrated shopping cart.
■ Support for sales persons.
■ Back office module to administrate orders.
■ Print purchase receipts.
■ Control collected orders.
■ Fast print or CD burn preparation.
■ Multiple photographer support.
■ Geared to high volume photography.
■ Automated from media cards to client pre-view.
■ Fast crop, rotate and zoom with just a key stroke.
■ Fast single keystroke for most common commands.
■ Export xml and resized jpg for easy upload on web sites.
■ Fast categorization with start numbers or other identifier.
■ Flexible for sports, balls or social events and more.
■ Enter your whole team in the roster section to administer comissions.
■ Copy whole memory card into a selected category.
■ Select and categorize multiple photos at once.
■ Define products and set prices for different sized images.
■ Set cost for products to calculate profits.
■ Set your local sales tax and show prices with or without tax.
■ ClientView stays on top of all other applications and closes via password so it can not be closed by customer.
■ EPS News channel will give you information about updates and releases straight into the application.
■ Background thread creates previews for extra fast viewing of large images.
■ Changeable currency denomination.
■ Special payment flow for sales persons.
■ View histogram while categorizing images.
■ Extends through plug-ins.


■ At least 512MB of RAM
■ Monitor resolution should be 1024x768 or better.
■ .NET Framework 2.0


■ 30 days trial
Last updated on July 22nd, 2008
EPS - The Startup module is the central unit in the EPS system and from here you can launch all other modules as needed.EPS - CopyCopy is the first application in your workflow. It can be configured in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the event.EPS - Categorizer is a very versatile tool to sort, delete, categorize, crop and export your photos.EPS - Customers can easily browse through your photos using EPS - ClientView.EPS - The BackOffice module is designed for you to take control of your orders.

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