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Create a virtual interactive book or photo album out of media files of common formats with the help of this practical application

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Photos can be used to enhance various presentations in order to make a proper first impression or just remind you of the good old times. Assembling them in an album is easily done with the help of specialized computer applications like FlipAlbum Vista Pro which lets you create a virtual interactive book and populate it with various media files.

Create a custom interactive album

Running the application puts an example book at your disposal so you get a glimpse of what can be accomplished. The upper toolbar is home to all available tools which help you fully customize the visual aspect.

Both covers can be fitted with a background image from your computer, a preset fill option or simply filled with a color tone. This also applies to pages, to which you can also add bookmarks to make them easily accessible.

Fill your book with media files

The first page lets you view and make use of an index. You are able to simply drag media files over the main window or import them through the dedicated menu. Doing so automatically creates an entry both in the index and a page.

From several available cliparts you can enhance the virtual book with some of the most commonly used image, audio and video formats, making use of nearly any media file. You are free to scroll through created pages, as content updates in real time.

Additionally, multiple annotations can be added in case details need to be provided. This enables you not only to create an album for your vacation photos, but covers a large area of activities. Unfortunately, once the book is done, it can only be exported as a video file, taking out all interactions, and no possibility to use it, for example as a catalog on a website.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FlipAlbum Vista Pro comes equipped with several helpful tools and enables full customization. However, limited features restrict you from making it accessible and fun for everyone, but for personal use, it's worth a try.

FlipAlbum Vista Pro was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
FlipAlbum Vista Pro - The program also has a Quickstart function that should come in handy when you want to quickly make your album.FlipAlbum Vista Pro - In the main page, you will have the opportunity to browse through your album as if you are browsing a book.FlipAlbum Vista Pro - All your pictures can be exported in a movie as well, and you can select between two formats, MPEG and AVI.FlipAlbum Vista Pro - The Theme is also customizable as you have the oppportunity to select and mix different textures and colours.FlipAlbum Vista Pro - The application also indexes the filenames of all the added items and lists them in a Contents Page automatically.