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An intuitive and efficient software utility designed to help you easily perform HDR photographic adjustments and add a multitude of visual effects to your images

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Machinery HDR Effects is a intuitive and easy to work with application developed to provide you with an quicker means of adjusting the visual qualities of your pictures, enabling you to significantly enhance their appearance.

The utility is very simple to install and work with, allowing you to load the images you wish to adjust and browse through the various options, effects and filters you have at your disposal, previewing their results before applying them onto the final photo.

Machinery HDR Effects supports a very wide range of formats, such as RAW, DCR, MEF, JPEG, TIF, DNG, BMP, PNG or GIF, meaning that regardless of the files you want to customize, you will have no issue in opening them.

The processing options provided by this tool are organized in three different categories, under several tabs, namely 'HDR', 'Basic' and 'Filters', each one containing distinct adjustable features.

The 'HDR' section allows you to customize the 'Image Fusion', 'Microcontrast' ('Strength', 'Noise Reduction', 'Edge Detection', 'Shadows', 'Lights', 'Color') or the 'Details' ('Small contrasts', 'Large Contrast'. 'Edge Detection', 'Color Detection'). Similarly, you can increase or decrease the 'Smoothing' ('Noise', 'Dark Areas', 'Bright Areas') and the 'Softness'.

The 'Basic' tab enables you to adjust the 'White Balance', including the 'Temperature' and the 'Tint', while the 'Histogram' lets you modify the 'Brightness', 'Contrast', 'Black Level', 'White Level' and 'Saturation'. From the 'Filters' tab, you can work with the 'RGB Channels', the 'Luminance Mixer', 'Color Gradient', 'Colors', 'Sharpness' or 'Vignette' to obtain the results you are after, simply by moving the sliders up or down, previewing them, then deciding whether to use them or not.

In conclusion, Machinery HDR Effects is an interesting and efficient piece of software that helps you adjust your photos with ease and generate impressive looking images, sparing your from the effort of having to learn how to handle heavy programs.

Machinery HDR Effects was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2015
Machinery HDR Effects - The application allows you to easily enhance your pictures by adjusting the contrast and tones.Machinery HDR Effects - From the Project menu, you can load images from your disk in order to be modified and enhanced.Machinery HDR Effects - From the Image menu of the application, you can reduce the noise of the photo file.Machinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR EffectsMachinery HDR Effects

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