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A filtering application especially designed to efficiently reduce visible noise in digital photographic images and enhance your pictures

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Image quality is very important for those who are passionate about photography. Neat Image is an easy-to-use photo editor designed to help you enhance your pictures by reducing noise pieces.

Neat Image analyzes your picture and performs a filtering process that results in better quality for the output image. Using device noise profiles and filter presets, Neat Image enables you to easily achieve the desired level of noise reduction.

Noise profiles take into account the characteristics of a picture and can be pre-built or user-customized. Neat Image allows you to build your own device noise profile for a specific shooting / scanning mode of your digital camera / scanner by using the Calibration Target feature. Moreover, the application offers the possibility to easily create profiles in batch mode, by simply selecting the folder where shots or scans of the Calibration Target are stored.

The profile matching is made taking into account multiple parameters, such as input device, ISO rate, resolution, sharpness or exposure levels.

The tab-based interface is user-friendly and permits improvement of picture quality by following a few simple steps: first you have to input the desired image, then load a device noise profile, set the noise filter settings (luminance and chrominance) and you are ready to preview the output photo. You can compare the original photo and the resulting output one by simply clicking on the image.

Furthermore, the application displays the image quality level in percentage, which allows you to view the effect that any modification has on the opened picture. The software also supports batch functionality, so you can process multiple images automatically.

In addition to noise filtering, Neat Image offers you the possibility to sharpen your images without lowering their quality or increasing the noise level. Applying noise reduction and sharpening at the same time is the key feature of Neat Image that helps you produce better quality photos.

Neat Image was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on October 8th, 2014
Neat Image - Neat Image will help you quickly, easily reduce visible noise in digital photographic images.Neat Image - The Device Noise Profile section will help you create a noise profile and apply it to your image.Neat Image - Users will be able to adjust the luminance and the sharpening within the Noise Filter Settings section.Neat Image - screenshot #4Neat Image - screenshot #5Neat Image - screenshot #6Neat Image - screenshot #7Neat Image - screenshot #8Neat Image - screenshot #9Neat Image - screenshot #10Neat Image - screenshot #11Neat Image - screenshot #12Neat Image - screenshot #13

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