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A straightforward and efficient software application designed to help you quickly capture screenshots and upload them online with ease

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Fenix ScreenShoter is a lightweight and straightforward software utility fashioned in order to help you easily capture and share screenshots.

Lively colored and intuitive user interface

The application comes with a comprehensible and easy to access graphic user interface, with features disposed in tabs for easily navigating through the utility's functions.

The chromatic theme of Fenix ScreenShoter, although lively colored, is also easy on the eyes, with low contrast and brightness.

Easily capture delayed screenshots with the timer feature

A useful feature of Fenix ScreenShoter is the capture timer, which allows you to set the number of seconds before the application saves your screen capture to disk.

Also, you can specify the title for your saved pictures, allowing the application to automatically name the output files to the desired title.

The photo captures taken with Fenix ScreenShoter can all be found in a specific folder, and they can be accessed and viewed by opening them directly from the interface of the application.

Quickly upload screenshots or images stored on your disk drives

One of the main functions of Fenix ScreenShoter is the ability to almost instantly upload your image files on a photo sharing website.

You can browse and select photos from your hard disk and quickly upload them online, after which you are provided with the URLs of your images.

When capturing screen images with Fenix ScreenShoter, you have the option to automatically upload them online, in order to be shared.

If you prefer to keep them only for yourself, you can check the option to only capture the screenshot without uploading it.

An easy to use and efficient screenshot utility

Fenix ScreenShoter proves to be a comprehensible and easy to use software application designed for those who need to quickly capture and upload their screenshots on the Internet, in order to share them with friends.

Fenix ScreenShoter was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
Fenix ScreenShoter - Fenix ScreenShoter allows you to easily capture your screen and upload them online for easy sharing.Fenix ScreenShoter - You can set the number of seconds before your screenshot is capture by Fenix ScreenShoter.Fenix ScreenShoter - After you upload an image, a link will be provided in order to share your screenshots with ease.Fenix ScreenShoter

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