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ImageShack QuickShot is a simple but useful software that lets you take screenshots and immediately upload them online to ImageShack.

The user interface of the program consists of a small window in which you can access a few tabs and configure settings.

So, you can specify the directory for the output screenshots and open it, as well as enable the tool to show the window on launch and to automatically run at system startup.

Furthermore, you can set the key combination for taking screenshots and for taking and uploading them.

But you can also set QuickShot to copy the following linking code to the clipboard after upload completes (e.g. show image to friends, direct link to the image).

In addition, you can set the program to take a screenshot of the current active window only and to enable upload and confirmation sounds. Plus, you can configure image settings - PNG or JPG. The latter option also lets you adjust the JPG quality.

The tool takes up a small amount of system resources and quickly saves a screenshot. However, QuickShot was not able to upload images on ImageShack, in our case. Actually, it said the picture was uploaded successfully but the program couldn't retrieve links. An error popped up every time during our tests, on both Windows 7 and XP.

So, we would love to say that you can go ahead and use ImageShack QuickShot with confidence, but this irritating error makes it very hard for us. Feel free to test the software for yourself.

ImageShack QuickShot was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 27th, 2012
ImageShack QuickShot - ImageShack QuickShot allows you to bind keys in order to take screenshots of your desktop or any active window in either jpg or png format.ImageShack QuickShot - After taking the screenshot, you have the option to automatically upload it to ImageShack and get a linking code for it immediately.ImageShack QuickShot - Here are the image settings that you can alter in order to meet your expectations.

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