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A straightforward screen capturing application that you can use to take screenshots of desktop sections and snapshots from your webcam

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KiwiCapture helps you easily take screenshots of any area on your desktop, as well as capture frame images from your webcam. Its simple look and the straightforward options make it perfect for those who want to save snapshots of their screen.

Take desktop snapshots of all sizes

The application features a simple interface with a minimum number of options to choose from, so usage shouldn't pose any difficulty at all.

When choosing to capture a desktop area, a new window appears, which you must move to the desired location on the screen and resize to enclose the area you want to capture (which also allows you to take snapshots of the entire screen). For better visualization, the window is transparent, enabling you to view a preview of the target desktop section.

Pressing the 'Capture' button reveals the screenshot and the window becomes opaque again. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can reset the application and start all over again. Otherwise, you can save the image to a specific location of your choice, in JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG format.

Capture webcam snapshots

KiwiCapture can also be used when you want to take frame screenshots from a webcam. It automatically detects the connected webcam and displays the video stream in real-time, enabling you to take a new snapshot with the push of a button.

You can store up to six images in the application's memory before having to save them to your hard drive. The snapshots are displayed to the right, enabling you to choose the ones you want to keep. Additionally, the application allows delayed snapshots from the webcam.

An easy to use screen and webcam capturing tool

KiwiCapture comes in handy for capturing specific areas or the entire screen, as well as saving webcam snapshots to your computer. With its intuitive options and simple appearance, it can prove useful to any user. With the push of a button, it enables you to capture images from the connected webcam or take desktop snapshots and save them locally.

KiwiCapture was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
KiwiCapture - You can use KiwiCapture to capture desktop screenshots and save them to your computer.KiwiCapture - KiwiCapture makes its main window transparent, so that you can drag and drop it on top of the area to capture.KiwiCapture - The captured desktop area is displayed within KiwiCapture's main window, enabling you to stretch it.KiwiCapture

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