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Packed with several photo editing options, this program lets you easily take snapshots of your entire screen or just part of it, as well as a selected window

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MWSnap is a simple tool which enables you to capture an image from your computer. You can use it to immortalize essential parts of your projects, create tutorials and so on.

Clean GUI and methods of taking screen captures

The user interface may not be visually appealing, yet it features clear controls, thus making it easy for anyone to use, including beginners.

In MWSnap there are five ways to take a snapshot: on a fixed-size rectangle, on any area, on a window (or menu, or control), full desktop, or by repeating the last capture.

You can access these commands in several ways - from the menu, toolbar, capture panel, or by using the assigned hotkey. Under each option you can view a quick description of the snapshot mode.

Editing options and other parameters you can tweak

In addition to that, a nice touch to this utility is that it enables you to make minor adjustments to an image once you have captured it. To be more precise, you can rotate or flip it, add frames (simple, double, buttonize), or change the cursor (e.g. arrow, hour glass, hand point).

It is possible to use a ruler, a zoom tool and a color picker, enable auto-saving or auto-printing, change the interface’s language, and assign keyboard shortcuts.

You can configure MWSnap to start minimized, confirm file overwriting, restore the application after snapping, automatically copy snapped image to the Clipboard, disable sound, and more.

Conclusion and performance

All in all, MWSnap is a simple yet effective tool you can use to take snapshots. It uses a small amount of system resources, so your computer should not have any problems running other processes. The response time is good, the interface is intuitive and we did not come across any errors or bugs in our tests.

MWSnap was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 13th, 2014

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