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Record defined screen areas, create 3 minute screencasts using a webcam, publish resulting videos online and share them with your friends

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QuickCast makes it easy for you to create 3 minute long screencasts, save them on the local computer or share them with others. Focused on maneuverability and simplicity, it allows you to generate screen recordings using a webcam or Microsoft's Expression Encoder as the capturing instrument.

The application runs in the system tray, so accessibility is not a problem. Configuring it does not require any experience at all, since your only task is to set the display size, select the audio capture device (usually, a microphone connected to your PC) and choose the output directory where the videos will be saved.

QuickCast can be used for capturing screen areas or the entire desktop. As mentioned above, you can set it to use the webcam as the capturing device, which opens a new window to preview the video stream.

Once you press the 'Record' button, you have 5 seconds at your disposal to prepare. The on-screen icon shows you the remaining time and encloses an option to stop the recording process. Alternatively, you can also stop it by pressing a key combination.

QuickCast allows you to preview the screencast before proceeding to sharing them with friends or acquaintances, sending the video to the default player.

The major advantage of QuickCast is the possibility to publish the short videos online. To do so, you must assign the screencast a title and optionally enter tags, introductions and a small description.

The recording is processed and the application retrieves the unique URL that you can share with others. Published links can be viewed using the system tray icon.

QuickCast is a reliable screen capturing utility that enables you to conveniently create and share short videos. Unfortunately, the recording duration is limited to 3 minutes, but it should be enough for small presentations or creating GIFs.

QuickCast was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
QuickCast - QuickCast helps you create screencasts that contain screen recordings or webcam stream captures.QuickCast - You can preview the recording, publish it online or reload the operation from the start.QuickCast - Before publishing the video, you must login to your account and specify a few details.QuickCastQuickCast

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