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With support for custom keyboard shortcuts, this application lets you capture the desktop and save the resulted items to the Clipboard

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Snippy is a very simple application that allows you to easily take a screenshot of any user defined area of the screen.

There are many similar programs on the market and most of them come with a great amount of customization settings but truth is, you cannot find something more basic than Snippy.

Capture the screen and save it to the Clipboard

This lightweight tool places an icon in System Tray, and through it lets you instantly capture a specific area every time you click it.

In addition to that, you should know that the app does not save the captured screenshot as a separate image file on your computer, yet it copies it to Clipboard to allow you to paste it in any graphic editor you may use.

Set up keyboard shortcuts and copy images as an HTML

This software tool also provides a bunch of configuration options, yet nothing too fancy or so difficult to get beginners into trouble. For example, you are allowed to set up the stroke width, the stroke color and the hotkey you wish to use to take a screenshot on the go.

Last but not least, Snippy lets you copy the captured area as an HTML and define the behavior of the “Shift+drag” combination, which can either enable you to capture a rectangular region or a freehand one.

A final evaluation

Although it is designed to run all the time, Snippy works without a flaw on all Windows workstations without slowing down the system at all, which makes it suitable for both newer and older computers.

Overall, Snippy is a basic capture tool that does exactly what it says and nothing more. Nonetheless, the fact that it cannot save the captured area as a separate image file is a major setback.

Snippy was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
Snippy - Snippy will help you quickly and easily capture a selected area from your screenSnippy - The Settings panel will provide users with a list of options like Stroke Width / Color or Hotkey

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