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Bundled with a long list of options and support for several picture formats, this tool lets you generate high-quality photos with a flatbed or film scanner

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VueScan is a powerful scanning application that allows you to acquire high-quality images using a flatbed or film scanner. If you are not satisfied with the software delivered by the scanner vendor or if you want to improve it with new functions you should try this program.

Tweak basic options and export them

The application provides the basic functions of a scanner software allowing you to change the scanning parameters such as the transparency, the resolution and the output file. You can customize the options and save them to a file that can be quickly loaded for certain media types.

Crop images in different ways and customize picture color

Before scanning the image you can preview the original and crop the part that interests you the most. You can use one of the presets available in the program (the most commonly used photo images such as 3x5 inches or 6x9 centimeters). For bigger images you can choose multiple crop that allows you to split the image into more parts.

It is also possible to use the application to adjust the colors of the image before scanning. The program offers the option to change the color balance of the image depending on the light source or the environment of the photo. You can choose from one of the presets (fluorescent, incandescent or natural light) or manually change the brightness of every individual color (RGB).

Supported formats and clear-cut GUI

The output image can be saved as TIFF, JPG or PDF and the properties of the file can be customized at will. For instance for a PDF file you can select the name, the compression, the paper size and you can create a multiple page document for the batch scanning jobs.

The interface comes with two display modes: simple for the average user and advanced for those who want to view all the options available in the program. This makes VueScan an easy to use program for every computer user.

Bottom line

To conclude, VueScan is a pretty efficient piece of software which comes bundled with a large number of customizable options. The interface is suitable to all user categories, the response time is good and the system’s performance is not going to be burdened at all.

VueScan was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
VueScan - VueScan can output high-quality scans of images, saving them to a PDF file or sending them directly to the printer.VueScan - VueScan features image cropping options, enabling you to set the area to cut and lock the aspect ratio of the image.VueScan - You can sharpen, flatten, fade, or reduce grain in the scans using the filters that VueScan comes with.VueScan - screenshot #4VueScan - screenshot #5VueScan - screenshot #6VueScan - screenshot #7VueScan - screenshot #8VueScan - screenshot #9VueScan - screenshot #10VueScan - screenshot #11VueScan - screenshot #12VueScan - screenshot #13VueScan - screenshot #14

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