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Take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites by simply specifying the URL and the target folder for the captured snapshots

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As the main purpose of browsing the Internet is getting information and since it can be found in so many forms, capturing webpages or entire websites for offline browsing is something many users resort to.

To accommodate these needs, a software like WebShot can provide assistance when it comes to taking a screenshot of a certain site. It is capable of doing all the hard work automatically, with as little user intervention as possible.

Take several snapshots

If you plan to take screenshots of multiple pages at the same time, just make a list inside WebShot by adding multiple source URLs and the application will take care of that for you.

We have tested the program with multiple links and besides the fact that it worked pretty fast, it also did the whole job perfectly, without errors or other issues.

Formats supported and some of the tweaks available

When it comes to saving the captured images, the application offers several formats for you to choose from. WebShot can handle equally well BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF file types, while allowing you to adjust the output quality to the desired level using a simple slider in the “Image” section of the settings menu.

Another customization you can make is picture size related. The choices are “Fixed Size,” “Minimum Size” and “Maximum Size” with individual boxes where you can specify the width and height. In addition to that, this utility enables you to select the timeout values for the whole process from the aforementioned menu.

Conclusion and performance

All things considered, WebShot is indeed a good software to have at hand for capturing screenshots of entire websites or single pages. It is easy to use and customize, not to mention the fact that it supports the most common image types, so you can try and see what it can actually do for you.

WebShot was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
WebShot - The main window of WebShot enables users to enter the URL address of the website they want to captureWebShot - The Settings window is the place where users can adjust the width and height of the output snapshotsWebShot - WebShot features a command-line interface in addition to the graphical one and it is recommended only to expert users

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