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Straightforward utility which enables you to bring the Windows 7 Snipping tool to Windows XP users, without putting a strain on the PC's performance

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Users who want to enjoy the great features of the highly-popular Windows 7 snipping tool can do it on Windows XP too with the help of the new XP Snipping Tool.

As you may find out just by reading its name, this is a screenshot utility that is supposed to bring the same features available in Windows 7 on the older Windows XP platforms.

Some of the options you can tweak

The app sports exactly the same features as the original Windows 7 snipping tool, which means that you can quickly take a screenshot, crop, resize or copy it to Clipboard.

You can obviously save the snapshot as JPG or print it without further modifications. There are some options too, so you can fix aspect ratio on print and enable the Print Screen button to print the screenshot instead of capturing new images.

A few hiccups

It is no surprise that XP Snipping Tool works so smoothly on Windows XP workstations and although it was developed to bring the Windows 7 utility on older workstations, it still lacks some very important features.

Hotkey support is more than a must-have for many users out there, especially when taking screenshots on a regular basis. Furthermore, you need to manually define the area to capture, so more snapshot modes are needed, including dedicated ones to capture just an active window or the full screen.


Overall however, XP Snipping Tool fulfills its purpose because it works smoothly on Windows XP and boasts the same features as the original Windows 7 tool. It needs just basic computer knowledge, so it can be used by both rookies and those more advanced.

XP Snipping Tool was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
XP Snipping ToolXP Snipping Tool

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