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Straightforward application which enables you to edit pictures, insert transitions, apply effects in order to create animations and website banners

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The software category that includes image editing is full with applications that excel at graphic adjustments, but few of them provide users with the tools for designing animations. If you are looking for a piece of software that can accomplish both of those tasks, we recommend Jasc Animation Shop.

This software is geared up for editing and enhancing images, as well as creating stunning visual effects, such as animated buttons and banners. It is mostly addressed to web designers that need to add animations to their websites, while keeping complexity to a minimum.

Seamless setup, yet not-so-appealing GUI

The quick installation process does not require your intervention, aside from pressing a few “Next” buttons, as no offers from third-party products are included. The interface of Jasc Animation Shop is quite typical, and it does not look to impress through appearance, but through the features accessible from its menus and buttons.

Use wizards to create animations and banners, and edit frames

Two of its most important features are located in the File menu, namely the animation and banner wizards, which guide you through every step of the design.

The goodies are located in the “Animation menu,” where you can find the functions that allows you to insert frames, flip, mirror or rotate them, resize animation, replace color, set animation properties, insert image effects, text effects or transitions etc.

Insert transitions, use some basic editing options and supported extensions

Other interesting features are accommodated in the “Effects” section, a rich module that comprises the ability to insert transitions and image and text effects inside the animation.

Being a graphic editor, Jasc Animation Shop is also equipped with standard editing functions, such as: crop, resize, brush, eraser and color palette, and so on.

The support for input image formats is incredibly rich, from PNG, BMP, JPG to Photoshop and Autodesk files, while the results can be saved as GIF, MNG, FLC, FLI, ANI and AVI.

A last evaluation

Jasc Animation Shop asks for little resources in exchange for a truly smooth experience, and brings an intuitive environment to the table. You should know that Corel has discontinued this product a while back, yet it runs like in the good old days. However, if you are interested in the last product out there, you might want to give Corel PaintShop Pro a try.

Jasc Animation Shop was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Jasc Animation Shop - Jasc Animation Shop will help you easily add animated buttons, banners and other cool effects to your web siteJasc Animation Shop - The File menu will provide users with Workspace, Save Frame As, Animation / Banner / Optimization Wizard or Export FramesJasc Animation Shop - The Edit menu will display a list of options such as Duplicate Selected, Propagate Paste, Go To Frame or Select All / NoneJasc Animation Shop - screenshot #4Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #5Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #6Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #7Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #8Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #9Jasc Animation Shop - screenshot #10

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