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Artist3D is an extraordinarily easy-to-use 3D polygon modeling tool





Artist3D is an extraordinarily easy-to-use 3D polygon modeling tool. It works completely without formulars, pull-down menus, pop-up menus and text input. Only one modeling window covers each operation function.

Less than 30 operation elements control the active interaction options. In opposite to all other available tools Artist3D integrates many features known from special tools (image based modeling, 3D-painting, etc.) into a consistent user interface.

You may create several basic shapes (box, roof, rotational solid, tetrahedron) each of which consists of modifiable polygons. Direct manipulation of shape as well as of each vertex is provided. Paint each object with a brush or color it with a spattle. Textures can be very easily traced directly onto the surface.

Each operation proceeds on a plane like in a painting tool. Either you may choose the plane directly or you may perform the operation in context of the modeling operation.

Artist3D supports image-based modeling, e. g. a semiautomatic reconstruction of basic shapes (currently boxes) on the basis of images. This feature opens up completely new options for polygon modeling.

Defining exact sizes and angles without any text input is provided.

Artist3D is neither an animation nor a rendering tool. Polygon modeling with Artist3D supports no free-form surface. Currently, Artist 3D does not support the import of other 3D formats.


To get the english version of Artist3D just copy the entire content of the file ENGLISH.txt to LANGUAGE.txt in the application's folder cfg/.


■ does not export the complete 3D scene into the VRML97 format for finishing with other modelers
Last updated on March 4th, 2007
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