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An intuitive and simple to use application that enables you to create before-and-after photo collages, using several picture templates

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B/A Selfie Photo Maker is an easy to use photo editor, specialized in creating before-and-after picture collages, using multiple templates. Thus you may create collages with two or more images, depending on which template you choose. The software can guide you through the simple steps of creating a composite picture.

Creating comprehensive before-and-after photos

With B/A Selfie Photo Maker you may easily create before-and-after picture collages, highlighting the differences between the images. The software allows you to join together multiple pictures, depending on which template you choose. Thus, you may select a model that supports two photos or one suitable for nine images.

The photo templates are sorted into categories, based on how many pictures they support or depending on the type of elements arrangement. For example, the Comix category offers you comic book like templates, with one large image and several smaller ones on the side.

Mild photo editing

The software enables you to crop and resize the photos, as well as add borders or transparent banners at the top of each element. As you select the desired template, the working space in the program is configured to fit the element arrangement. Simply load a photo for each available slot and edit them individually.

You may rearrange the image in its frame by cropping out the unnecessary parts, and you may also draw on it, using the artistic brush and a color of your choice. The photos in the collage can be separated by a border, as well as contain text, such as titles, comments or other pieces of information. The text can be added on the top or bottom labels.

Display proof of evolution or create comic book pages

With a user-friendly interface and a wizard guide structure, B/A Selfie Photo Maker can assist you through all the steps of creating picture collages. Whether you wish to highlight personal evolution or create a comic book page, you only need to provide the photo material, then the software can help you generate comprehensive collages.

B/A Selfie Photo Maker was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
B/A Selfie Photo Maker - B/A Selfie Photo Maker is a simple to use photo editor that enables you to create many formats of picture collages.B/A Selfie Photo Maker - You may add before-and-after photos and create a collage indicating the changes between the two stages.B/A Selfie Photo Maker - The software enables you to edit the photos before saving the collage, by cropping unnecessary borders, or resizing them.B/A Selfie Photo Maker - screenshot #4

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