Background Color Aid

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Photoshop-like color picker to help choose colors for your websites and programs





It's easy to get started using this software. Just move your mouse over the colors you would like to see. When you find a color you like, click the Keep button. This will save your color so that you can continue picking complimentary colors.

You can see the current color and last saved color at the top right of the screen in order to compare them. You can also view the last 18 colors you have kept in the "Color History" section.

Any time you click on a color, its HTML, RGB, Decimal and VB color codes will be displayed in the Color Outputs section of Background Color Aid.

You can cut and paste from these windows directly into other applications.

Through the presets menu you can save colors to the Windows Palette so that they can be selected from other Windows programs. In order to do this, select the color you want and then click "Presets". Select one of the available color boxes and click "Add".

You can also select only web safe colors by selecting "Safe Palette" from the drop down box in the presets menu. These 216 colors can safely be displayed by any graphical internet browser.

Here are some key features of "Background Color Aid":

■ Select from millions of colors
■ 18 color history lets you see how colors match
■ Displays colors in RGB, Decimal, VB and HTML color codes
■ Templates for 256 web-safe colors
■ Save your colors to the program pallette for later use
Last updated on January 12th, 2006
Background Color Aid - The main window of Background Color Aid from where you can easily pick a color and view its RGB Color, Decimal Color, HTML Color and VB Hex Color codes.Background Color Aid - Background Color Aid also enables you to create a history of all chosen colors.

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