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Image editing suite that features various graphic enhancement tools, real-time previewing and an integrated photo converter to help all designers

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Chasys Draw IES Artist, as part of the IES suite, constitutes its main graphic editor and paint tool, proving high usability and versatile graphic processing features.

From the main window of the application you are invited to personalize your working sheet by selecting the type of project your are interested in creating. Moreover, this is the first window that renders familiar all the features of the tool that are not limited to basic image formatting: Blank Composition, Composition for Print, Animation for Web, CD or DVD Label, Scan a Picture, Static Icon or Cursor, Animated Cursor or Brush, Captured Video or Screenshot.

What first captures the eye is definitely the user interface organized in various types of elements that render one or two-step reachable almost all the functions of the tool.

Chasys Draw IES Artist is made original by incorporating a set of processes that don't normally appear in a basic graphic editor and are focused mainly on the final purpose of each initial project. You can therefore access, for instance, an Icon Generator that allows you to format a picture so it successfully can be used as an application icon. If your project is exclusively destined to be printed, you might find useful the Decompose Colors process that extracts separately the CMYK color channels from an image rendering editable each one of them.

You can use the Super-resolution process in order to create high-resolution images either with the aid of heuristic scaling or by stacking images. In addition, other handy processes include Focus Stacking, Sequence Stitcher or Moving Object Remover.

Chasys Draw IES Artist also includes a series of nifty tutorials that can reveal to you how to create the illusion of movement in an animation or help you perfect your layer-based design skills.

If the additional video capture, HTML proofing, or smart-content acquisition features are counted, then clearly Chasys Draw IES Artist paints a complex picture.

Chasys Draw IES was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on September 14th, 2015
Chasys Draw IES - Chasys Draw IES is a suite of applications including a layer-based image editor with animation, icon editing support etc.Chasys Draw IES - From the File menu you are able to open a new image or window and save your edited imagesChasys Draw IES - In the Edit menu you have the possibility to copy all your pictures and clear the clipboardChasys Draw IES - You can navigate to the View menu where you can select the view the guides and zoom to layerChasys Draw IES - From the Image menu you can select the properties and resize the entire imageChasys Draw IES - In the Layer menu you can access the properties and choose to open a new layerChasys Draw IES - You can use the dedicated window if you want to adjust frame delays and add duplicated framesChasys Draw IES - You have the possibility to use various objects such as brushes or gradients from this menuChasys Draw IES - In the Mask Data menu you are able to invert and delete mask or blend with various colorsChasys Draw IES - If you want to flip or rotate your layers you can use this menu of the applicationChasys Draw IES - You can make adjustments like brightness and contrast from the dedicated menuChasys Draw IES - In this menu you can select various effects such as color, sharpen, distortion and stylizeChasys Draw IES - If you want to select various levels of sharpen such as high pass or normal, you can use this menuChasys Draw IES - From the Special menu of the application you are able to make tile or choose to dither to 256 colorsChasys Draw IES - In the Processes menu you have the possibility to merge to HDR or select the icon generatorChasys Draw IES - If you want to configure graphics tablet, select the language or configure your preferences you can navigate to this menuChasys Draw IES - From the Window menu you are able to select the Text-art and Mark-up EditorChasys Draw IES - In the Layer Properties menu you have the possibility to specify the name, position, blending mode and frame delay for your project

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