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A powerful and easy to use application that allows you to apply color filters on certain objects from a picture, useful for home decoration

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When it comes to decorating a home, it is essential to pick and harmoniously combine the paint colors you are going to use. Simply imagining how such a project would look is not enough, as you can back up your ideas with software solutions.

Color Planner is a handy tool that can help you in this matter. It allows you to apply various color filters to different objects from your pictures, helping you choose the best color for that item. This can come in handy not just for you, but also for home decorators or design specialists. In order to properly work, the application requires Adobe AIR installed and running on your computer.

Intuitive color picking tool

The program can help you determine the best color match-up for your home decorations, working with the pictures you provide it with. By changing the color filter on certain regions of an image, you can determine if that color fits in the overall layout.

Additionally, you are provided with composite color sets, not just plain colors and their code. This way, you can test several color combinations and find your favorite with ease. Each filter is seamlessly applied on your picture, flawlessly integrating with the lighting or exposure of your image.

Handy color mixer that displays associated codes

The application provides you with a multitude of color shades and nuances, along with their codes. By doing so, you are able to pick out the paint colors you want and decorate your house accordingly.

Furthermore, you can apply image masking tools and modify your images, so that you can add virtually drawn tiles or bricks, for instance.

A powerful and reliable color picker

To conclude, Color Planner allows you to pick out the best colors for your home decorations, by applying filters to certain objects contained by pictures of your target objects.

Color Planner was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
Color Planner - Color Planner allows you to compare and pick the best colors for your decorations or pictures.Color Planner - You can easily change the color of each component of a picture to the one you desire.Color Planner - Composite color filters can also be applied on your picture objects, in order to see how they fit in the whole image.Color Planner - screenshot #4Color Planner - screenshot #5

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