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A powerful and complex application that allows you to seamlessly design flowcharts, diagrams and other similar graphic presentations

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ConceptDraw Pro is a professional application essentially designed to enable you to easily create diagrams and dynamic presentations.

The application offers numerous customizable features and drawing tools, as well as templates and a vast sample library. ConceptDraw Pro allows you to create drawings and illustrations that you can then export to various formats or you can simply print them.

The basic features of ConceptDraw Pro are the reliable “Diagramming Tools” that allow for easy editing and formatting, whereas the library provides you with a template gallery and sample documents. The wide range of templates and samples enables you to quickly find the most appropriate item for your needs, that you can also customize so it can suit you entirely.

The “Diagramming Tools” enable you to create professional flowcharts and schematics, operate with smart connectors and link your presentations with external objects, such as web pages or email addresses.

The “Dynamic Presentations” feature is quite useful as it enables you to work on two screens simultaneously, one for the main presentation, and a second one for annotations or edits, so you can quickly respond to your audience's requirements.

In addition, any presentation you create can easily be exported to PPT or Flash files, for both local and web-based display, that also provide you with the necessary flexibility when changing their shape, form, color and background.

The use of live objects enables you to easily incorporate hyperlinks that allow you to navigate inside and outside of your presentation, thus giving the appearance of a professional-looking end-result. The main live objects that can be used are transforming, switching and data driven objects, all of which enable you to successfully present visual information.

ConceptDraw Pro is a great program with a wide range of professional applications, that is also very user-friendly and highly adaptable, while the ready to use solutions allow for efficient project management and planning. What is more, the software works just as well on MAC OS X.

ConceptDraw Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
ConceptDraw Pro - ConceptDraw Pro allows you to create diagrams, flowcharts, and other graphics in just a couple of clicks.ConceptDraw Pro - By right-clicking on the main window, you can adjust the position of objects on the screen.ConceptDraw Pro - While in the Document tab, you can build scripts for your projects or change the orientation of the page.ConceptDraw ProConceptDraw ProConceptDraw ProConceptDraw ProConceptDraw ProConceptDraw Pro

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