Corel Technical Suite X6

A complete technical graphics suite built to streamline production of technical diagrams, illustrations and schematics, as well as for website design
Corel Technical Suite X6 - With the help of Corel Designer, users can easily create professional illustrations, while also enjoying technical design capabilities
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Corel Technical Suite is the trusted choice for businesses that need to effectively communicate the strengths of their products and services through clear, informative technical illustrations or diagrams.

From operation guides and parts catalogs, to schematics, wiring diagrams, assembly instructions, maintenance manuals and architectural presentations, this complete suite allows organizations of any size to create powerful technical graphics - fast!

What's Included:

Corel DESIGNER X6 – precision illustration and technical design software
CorelDRAW X6 – creative vector illustration and page-layout application
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 – easy-to-use, professional image-editing application
Corel PowerTRACE X6 – fast, accurate bitmap-to-vector conversion tool
Corel CAPTURE X6 – one-click screen capture utility
Corel CONNECT – full-screen browser for searching digital content from your computer, network, external storage device or online sources
Corel Website Creator X6 - build websites, design web pages and manage web content
XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition – 3D visualization authoring software
XVL Player – 3D embedding and viewing component
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – powerful automation tools
PhotoZoom Pro 2 – photo enlarger plug-in for Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Get Corel Technical Suite and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

Main features:

  • 3D CAD Import:
  • Open and work with 3D designs (including AutoCAD 3D DWG and DXF, 3DS, VRML, U3D, SketchUp files and others) without needing a CAD license or having to navigate a complicated interface.
  • AutoCAD DWG/DXF Support:
  • Work with 2D CAD files from your suppliers or customers. Receive support for AutoCAD 2008 and versions dating back to 2.5, plus enjoy enhanced object, layer and hatch fills support.
  • File Format Support:
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues and clients thanks to seamless compatibility with commonly used file formats, including new support for Microsoft Visio 2007, PDF 1.7 and PDF/A, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Publisher and JPEG 2000.
  • Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Support:
  • Import and export to files of CGM Version 4 profiles, such as ActiveCGM, WebCGM, and ATA GREXCHANGE 2.4 and 2.6.
  • Corel PowerTRACE X4:
  • Quickly unlock and repurpose data in legacy blueprints.
  • Welcome Screen:
  • Quickly access recently used documents, templates, learning tools and inspiring illustration work.
  • Windows Vista Integration:
  • Easily organize projects and search for files within a modern, more intuitive interface, and benefit from high-quality thumbnail previews that improve productivity and reduce searching time.
  • CorelDRAW ConceptShare:
  • Share work and collaborate with colleagues and/or clients in real time.
  • Object Coordinate Docker:
  • Draw, size and rotate shapes and lines with enhanced precision and live screen preview.
  • Dimension Tools:
  • Create custom dimensions and dimension styles with advanced control for clearly readable illustrations.
  • Arrowheads:
  • Add precise arrowheads to connectors, callouts, dimension lines and any curve.
  • Projected Drawing Modes:
  • Dramatically increase productivity by actively drawing on the projected plane, removing the need to draw the object first and then project or squeeze it in additional steps.
  • Hatch Fills:
  • Use hatch patterns to represent different types of materials and to visualize cross sections in your drawing.
  • 2-point Line Tool:
  • Draw lines that are tangent or perpendicular to two objects, making it much easier to draw objects such as cylinders.
  • Callout Tools:
  • Create Callouts to let your audience identify objects in a drawing. This one-click tool lets you create callouts including text, callout lines and halos around the whole callout, providing presets and customizable settings.
  • Gravity Snapping and Dynamic Guides:
  • Create and position objects accurately using gravity snapping and fully configurable dynamic guides that snap to direction and distance.
  • Independent Page Layers:
  • Experience greater layout control with the ability to vary the layer structure across multiple pages of a document.
  • Crop Tool:
  • Crop drawing objects and groups, as well as imported images, at the same time to achieve perfect illustrations.
  • Smart Fill Tool:
  • Use the Smart Fill tool to detect the edges of any enclosed object area, such as cross section areas, and create a closed path to fill the area (unlike conventional fill tools that fill only existing objects).
  • Hotspotting:
  • Manage a complex project and create interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) by assigning data to its objects.
  • Enhanced Line Styles:
  • Illustrate stitch patterns and draw parallel lines with the help of enhanced line styles.
  • Interactive Tables:
  • Align, resize or edit tables and table cells to provide a structured layout for text and graphics, plus import and visualize parts lists, bills of materials (BOMs) and other data.
  • Text Formatting:
  • Preview text formatting changes before applying them to increase the accuracy of text size, style and positioning. The new Character and Paragraph formatting dockers provide a full preview onscreen to help streamline changes to text.
  • Unicode Support and Double-byte Formatting:
  • Exchange files effortlessly by ensuring that text is displayed correctly, regardless of the language or operating system in which the file was created.
  • Support for Microsoft Visio Files:
  • Import and work with the latest versions of Microsoft Visio files, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and clients, enhance existing diagrams and integrate them into technical illustrations.
  • Connector Lines:
  • Automatically adjust connector line paths to avoid other objects using Smart Drawing technology.
  • Halos on Curves:
  • Identify connector lines more easily and add precision and clarity to diagrams.
  • Raw Camera File Support:
  • Preview adjustments in real time with interactive controls and support for raw camera files from over 300 camera models.
  • Image Adjustment Lab:
  • Achieve professional-quality color and tone correction.
  • Straighten Image:
  • Use new, interactive controls to quickly and easily straighten images.
  • Tone Curve Adjustments:
  • Adjust images with more precision, reducing the number of iterations required.
  • Cutout Lab:
  • Gain control, improve accuracy and simplify the image-cutting process for complex cutout tasks.

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Corel Technical Suite X6

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30 Screenshots
Corel Technical Suite X6 - Corel Photo-Paint provides users with various image-editing features in a comprehensive yet intuitive environmentCorel Technical Suite X6 - Corel Connect provides users with the possibility to easily search for digital content either online or on their computersCorel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6Corel Technical Suite X6

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