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An intuitive and easy to use piece of software designed to help you easily create 2D animation in cut-out style, with special effects

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CreaToon is a simple program that allows you to create 2D cut-out animations and add various special effects to it.

Intuitive graphic interface

Although the interface of CreaToon seems simple and obsolete, the functions the program can perform are complex and can create surprising results.

Each side of the workspace of the application is coated with menus, so you can quickly access important functions.

Not much customization can be done to the layout of the program, but the interface is already neatly organized so you can have a great overview of the on-going project.

Various rendering options

With CreaToon, you can set the number of frames per second for your animation, as well as the width and height. You can also choose the output file format for your project.

The program also allows you to add special sound effects to your animations, making them a little more realistic and interactive.

With CreaToon, you can easily save your projects manually, or in case you forget, you can let the application worry about it, by taking advantage of the fact that it can automatically save your project every 5 minutes.

Customizable sketch tool

Although you don't have many options for it, you can still personalize the sketch tool to act the way you want.

You can make the drawing tool more or less precise, or you can play with the continuity of your brush strokes, from sloppy to exact.

CreaToon allows you to separate the elements of your animation project in layers, allowing you to quickly make necessary modifications.

You can switch between the four viewing modes of CreaToon, meaning the perspective or the ortographic cameras, that allow you to take a peak of how the final product will look like, or you can switch to rendering or sketching mode, to edit the artwork and revise the frame sequence.

An easy to use animation tool

Although complex, the functions CreaToon can perform as a 2D animation software seem to be obsolete and basic by today's standards. But overall, the program creates a balance between advanced and easy to use features, making it an efficient solution even for inexperienced users.

CreaToon was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
CreaToon - The main window of the application allows you to create a new animation by adding new scenes.CreaToon - After you have added all the required elements you can render the animation to create the movie file.CreaToon - The Rendes settings winow allows you to select the output folder and the frame rate of the file.CreaToon - screenshot #4CreaToon - screenshot #5CreaToon - screenshot #6CreaToon - screenshot #7

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