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Design buttons from templates or custom shapes, to be used for presentations and websites, with this lightweight piece of software

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If you are a web designer who wants to add customized buttons to websites and need a tool that can help simplify the process, Easy Button Creator may be what you are looking for.

It allows you to design buttons, starting from a series of templates or from custom shapes, then save them to HTML5 or export them to various image formats.

Offers multiple button templates

You can choose from a list of provided templates, which are organized into multiple lists, to help you start working quickly. You can also add new ones from your own creations, if you wish to use the same design as a starting point for a new project.

The available templates, however, seem rather outdated and would look out of place if used on a modern website. They are, of course, fully customizable, but it seems that they have not been updated for quite some time.

Customize button shapes

You can select from various preset button formats, as well as design your own with the program's built-in shape editor.

The application allows you to create four types of images, each corresponding to a button's various states: normal, highlighted, disabled and pressed.

It is also possible to apply smoothing and anti-aliasing effects to the sides of created shapes or add a light source to a specific position and determine its intensity and height.

Generate HTML code and export objects to HTML5 pages

Easy Button Creator enables you to generate HTML code for exported image files, so that they can be added to a web page.

The application also allows you to save buttons to HTML5 pages. You can insert the images that should be used for the button's normal, pressed and highlighted states, then have the program generate HTML and JS files.

Overall, Easy Button Creator is a handy utility, designed to help you create customized buttons that can be used for web design.

Easy Button Creator was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
Easy Button Creator - You can create buttons from custom shapes change their color, insert captions and add light sources.Easy Button Creator - The application offers numerous button templates for you to work with and you can export your creations to various image formats.Easy Button Creator - Easy Button Creator allows you to apply anti-aliasing and smoothing effects to loaded shapes.Easy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button CreatorEasy Button Creator

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