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A simple to use software solution that offers you an intuitive and comprehensive approach to stylizing your photos in a few steps

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Vintager! is one of those applications that you look for when you want to apply simple, good looking effects to your photos using a set of user-friendly tools.

It displays a well designed interface which makes it appealing and you get quick and easy access to all its features directly from the main window and this makes it a practical tool for on-the-fly situations.

With Vintager! you are able to load a large number of images at the same time and preview them to see how they look before and after you make the modifications. You can apply various artistic filters that give the images a vintage look.

Vintager! allows you to add an inner shadow to the photos to simulate the depth of field effect. It’s not that accurate but it does improve the image. To further enhance the effect, you also get to choose from a number of frames.

The photos you load can be cropped to your specifications, rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as flipped over the vertical and horizontal axes. In case the images are too dark or too bright, Vintager! allows you to adjust their brightness as well as contrast.

Since a lot of these images end up on emails or social media websites, it’s in your advantage to be able to reduce their size so they are easier to send or upload. That’s why Vintager! offers you a tool you can use to resize the images according to your needs.

The tools you get to make these modifications are intuitively designed and are very easy to use, in fact, everything about the application is as straightforward as it can be.

One thing that’s a bit of a bother with Vintager! is the fact that you can’t choose the place where you export the images after they are edited. By default, they are sent to the folder where the original photos are, either overwriting them or creating new images with the word ‘Copy’ added to their names.

In closing, Vintager! is by all means a handy and reliable tool that you can certainly use to enhance your photos in a simple and efficient manner.

Vintager! was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
Vintager! - Vintager! displays a user-frigidly interface and allows you to apply various transformations and filters to your photos.Vintager! - The application enables you to rotate the images clockwise and counterclockwise as well as flip them.Vintager! - Using Vintager! you can also adjust the brightness and contrast levels of your pictures using simple sliders.Vintager! - screenshot #4

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