Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer

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A image editor that enables you to resize and rotate photos in batch mode, as well as rename and convert them to various other extensions

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Images come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the camera used to capture them, or the software utilized to edit them. Beside the obvious quality aspect, which is directly linked to the resolution of a photo, there is also the matter of its size on disk, which can sometimes cause you trouble when it comes to email attachments and various other transfer methods over the Internet.

Resize and rename images in bulk

Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer is a software solution designed to offer you a quick and reliable way to resize your image collection, complete with batch-mode capabilities and a selection of other tools to edit picture properties. Hence, you have full control over the size, aspect and name of your photos.

As far as the resizing aspect is concerned, the application enables you to either choose from a few predefined resolutions, or enter the new dimensions manually into the designated fields. In addition, you can also set up the desired proportion ratio, as well as keep the original aspect of the source image, in case you are not sure about the best option. To rename items, you can create custom patterns to use for all of the loaded photos, so you do not run into any overwriting issues when you export the results to the desired location.

Convert pictures to a variety of formats

Another important factor that influences the file size and quality of an image is its format, which is responsible for the amount of detail that can be rendered. Hence, in order to reduce its size, you can opt to convert it to a less demanding extension, albeit by losing quality in the process. The utility enables you to choose between JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF when it comes to the conversion procedure, which can be applied on all of the loaded pictures at once.

Additionally, you can also make use of the rotate function, which allows you to flip the images automatically, or by choosing the direction to rotate them to. Once you are finished customizing all of the previously mentioned parameters, including resolution, name and conversion, you can head on and apply the modifications by saving the images, as well as send them via the Internet to a Dropbox account or a FTP server.

A versatile image resizer and converter

Thanks to the wide array of functions included, Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer can be a very useful utility to have around, especially if you need to handle a large number of pictures on a regular basis and you want to process them all at once.

Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer - You can choose the new dimensions for the loaded images, as well as whether to maintain proportions, from the main window of the application.Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer - The Rotate section enables you to rotate the image clockwise, counterclockwise, or flip them 180 degrees.Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer - You can choose a name pattern for the output files, by making use of the available tools.Flexxi - The flexible Image ResizerFlexxi - The flexible Image Resizer

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