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Equation editor designed for teachers of mathematics, allowing them to create learning activities in the form of jigsaws or dominoes

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Formulator Tarsia aims to assist math teachers in organizing their lessons and making the learning process more pleasant for students. It enables them to hide more or less difficult problems under the form of jigsaw or domino puzzles and create interactive activities that can make math seem easy and fun.

The application can create standard or complex jigsaws of various shapes and dimensions, domino games based on math problems and learning cards. The collection of samples that it comes with offers you a starting point in creating your own lessons.

The powerful equation editor includes a wide array of functions, operators and symbols that can be used for building simple to complicated expressions. In order to ease your work, each created expression can be sent to the expression library and quickly inserted at a later time.

Formulator Tarsia allows text insertion along with shapes and mathematical equations, which helps you embed explanations and tutorials within the project. Furthermore, each lesson page can become more interactive and interesting by adding it locally stored images.

Users can easily configure and save certain so called ‘styles’, which define the font type and color for writing text, inserting variables, functions, matrices, operators, numbers or Greek symbols. The resulting expressions can be translated to MathML.

A complete lesson includes the input equations and expressions, the output layout and the solution table. The advantage is that you only have to create and edit the input section, since the output and the solution layout are automatically generated by the application.

To sum up, Formulator Tarsia is an intuitive, yet powerful equation editor and lesson designing tool that provides support to math teachers. It enables them to reveal the hidden mysteries of mathematics to their students and make them fully understand its logic.

Formulator Tarsia was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
Formulator Tarsia - This is an easy to use tool designed for Teachers of Mathematics creating the activities in a form of jigsaws or dominos.Formulator Tarsia - It enables easy support of teachers and gives them new perspectives to development of their teaching activity.Formulator Tarsia - Use the View menu to add new toolbars and to change the line spacing.

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