FreeCAD 0.14 Revision 3700

A handy graphics editor that comes packed with many dedicated parameters for helping you create 2D and 3D drawings and write scripts

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Juergen Riegel
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FreeCAD - The main screen of the application offers you all the available options of FreeCAD.FreeCAD - Access your recent files and export your documents to .PDF file format from the File menu.FreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCAD - You can draw and edit the properties of your drawings with the help of the program.FreeCAD - FreeCAD will provide users with a CAD / CAE solution to help them with their CAD projectsFreeCAD - The File menu will allow users to quickly and easily manage their projects alongside their corresponding CAD filesFreeCAD - Users will be able to duplicate selections, perform box selections or toggle the edit mode within the Edit menuFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCADFreeCAD
FreeCAD is an open-source 3D CAD modeler that comes packed with many functions designed to help you create 3D CAD, MCAD, CAx, CAE and PLM projects.

Although it bundles many dedicated parameters for sketching 3D and 2D components, it sports a clean and straightforward interface.

The program allows users to import data from a wide range of file formats, namely DXF, BRP, DAT, SVG, MED, IGES, BMP, JPG, IFC, OCA, ASC, SVG, WRL, or others.

FreeCAD comprises various 2D drawing objects (e.g. 2-point lines, wires, circles, arcs, polygons, points), and gives users the possibility to move, rotate, scale, and edit the selected objects. Plus, you can add or delete points, create a polar or rectangular array from the selected objects, as well as clone the components.

When it comes to designing 3D objects, the utility provides several tools (box, cone, cylinder, sphere, torus), and you can modify these objects by using Boolean operations, fusing two objects, as well as cutting one object from another.

Other important features worth mentioning enable you to use the built-in Python console for creating or modifying the geometry of the components, record macros, work with multiple documents, and use the workbenches for accessing different set of tools easier (e.g. draft, image, or sketcher workbench).

Last but not least, FreeCAD provides tools for creating complex and solid parts, design triangle meshes, which can be modified, subdivided, or stretched, as well as set up a simulation environment with a robot and objects.

The 2D projects can be exported to SVG file format, while the 3D ones can be saved to POV format.

All things considered, FreeCAD proves to be a reliable graphics editor that can be used for creating mechanical engineering and product design projects. If you want to skip the installation steps, you can download the portable version of the program, which can be found here.

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