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A lightweight, easy to use image and photo editor that supports the most common image formats including .BMP, .JPG, .PNG and .GIF.

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Generally, photos need to be post processed to eliminate any imperfections a camera captures or simply to emphasize certain details. There are various applications that make image editing look easy, and one of them is HD Image which promises to deliver a handful of useful tools.

Modify any picture in a user friendly environment

The main window of the application gives you access to a sufficiently large workspace so you feel no restrictions. All necessary tools and effects are cleverly arranged in order to be accessible with a single mouse click.

Every tool used brings up a small window with specific functions, that mostly stays transparent when not used. Navigation is a little difficult though, but there is an option that solves this problem by placing a reduced version of your work in a small frame over which you drag the mouse.

Work with multiple images and layers

Each picture loaded into the application is placed in a separate tab so you can easily exchange elements between them. Layers can also be added to each image you import and there is even an option that allows you to view the final result combining all layers.

Furthermore, you get access to a large variety of effects to apply to the picture. From the basic color adjustment to pixelization or multiple types of blur. These can be set for the whole image or enable the use of a brush for more precision.

Import a large variety of image file types

When loading a picture leave worries away because it can support the basics and even specialized image formats. The reverse process is also available, meaning you can save under the same number of types.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that HD Image is a neat tool to use to post process any kind of photo. The variety of file formats it supports makes it compatible with other applications, while given effects and tools make sure the end result is flawless.

HD Image was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
HD Image - The main window of Image, where you will be able to add the image file that you want to edit and add effects.HD Image - Colours tab window of Image, where you will be able to select the color effect that you want to use.HD Image - Tools tab window of Image, where you will be able to select from Pen, Line, Spray, Noise.

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