Thought Tickler

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Vector graphics editor and idea processor






Thought Tickler is an idea processing (or thought processing) program that's built upon Dynamic Draw. Dynamic Draw is the "engine" that provides the drawing functions for Thought Tickler.

Because Dynamic Draw is the foundation for Thought Tickler, when you install Thought Tickler, you also install the fully-functional Dynamic Draw. Therefore, this version of Dynamic Draw may be used by itself. However, Dynamic Draw and Thought Tickler present different interfaces to the user; it is best to regard them as separate applications.

You can also download Portable Thought Tickler.
Last updated on March 7th, 2014
Thought Tickler - Thought Tickler is a vector graphics editor and idea processor built upon Dynamic DrawThought Tickler - From the File menu you are able to open a new project, export the project and configure the sheet sizesThought Tickler - You can navigate to the Tool menu if you want to access features such as Link tool or Rotation toolThought TicklerThought TicklerThought TicklerThought TicklerThought TicklerThought TicklerThought Tickler

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