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Using this application you can add various effects or shapes to images, and you can also modify pictures, by cropping and blurring them

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If you want to enhance the appearance of your graphic files, you have a wide range of software utilities to choose from, depending on the effect you want to obtain. Those who are not highly experienced when it comes to operating their computer will most likely prefer intuitive and user-friendly applications, such as Lifted Paint Studio.

This program works on all computers running a recent edition of Microsoft operating system and its main window automatically displays all the items stored within your Pictures folder - you can right-click any of them and start modifying them as you see fit.

You can start by selecting the type of brush you want to use, such as solid, air, gradient, pattern or texture, and you can also insert colored shapes.If you are unsure about the element that would suit your needs, you can experiment with all of them then settle on the one you like best.

Furthermore, Lifted Paint Studio enables you to create layers or clear layers, but also to rename, rotate or smush them.

Additionally, you can adjust the image size to using pixels or percent, while retaining the aspect ratio intact. Rotation and flipping are also supported, so you change the orientation of the picture to your liking.

When it comes to the many types of effects provided within Lifted Paint Studio, you can test each of them one by one, configure them in various ways, then export the outcome you are pleased with to JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP. In addition to the classical blur, pixelate, whirlpool or mirror, the app also enables you to add various types of lightning effects, clouds, fire or water ripples.

All in all, Lifted Paint Studio comes in handy to all those who are willing to spend some time to discover all the numerous editing functions of this app so as to obtain amazing pictures.

Lifted Paint Studio was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 21st, 2014
Lifted Paint Studio - Lifted Paint Studio allows you to modify your pictures, by adding various effects.Lifted Paint Studio - Using the application you can flip or rotate an image and you can paste a selection to a new layer.Lifted Paint Studio - From the View menu, you can select grids and rulers to be displayed on your image.Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #4Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #5Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #6Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #7Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #8Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #9Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #10Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #11Lifted Paint Studio - screenshot #12

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