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A simple to use application that enables you to combine two images by blending the edges, applying a fading transition or overlaying them

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Mix Two JPG Files Together Software is a reliable image editor that enables you to quickly combine two images into a single one. The software can handle even large images without compromising their quality, and joins them together by applying one of the three blending methods.

Adjoining images and creating panoramas

The software offers two blending modes, and three filters that you can apply in order to obtain the desired effect. Thus, if you wish to adjoin two images, placing them in a horizontal or vertical combination, you may select the Blend option. Simply load two images, then select how you wish to blend the second image onto the first: blend left, right, top or bottom.

Moreover, you can select the size of the blending area, which can determine the smoothness of the transition from one image to the other. In this mode, you may only save the output file as JPG.

Create animated transitions

The other method of combining two images implies an animated or still transition from one photo onto the other, by juxtaposing the two pictures. In other words, the software can automatically rescale the second photo in order to fit the size of the first, then applies a degree of transparency to it.

You may create a still image, in the Overlay mode, by increasing the level of transparency of the second image, from zero to the desired amount. Alternatively, if you select the Fade option, you can generate an animated transition of one image fading into the other one. In this mode, you may save the output as AVI or animated GIF, then select the number of frames and rendering speed.

Intuitive tool for combining images

The software can generate the transition effect automatically, by blending the pixels into creating a composite image. Additionally, it can create the frames required to perform the animated transition between the two images, without user interference. Thus, Mix Two JPG Files Together Software can help you obtain artistically blended images or video transition effects.

Mix Two JPG Files Together Software was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
Mix Two JPG Files Together Software - The application can join two images, by applying various filters, including fade, blend and overlay, then save the output as JPG or AVI.

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