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This amazing software is comparable to Adobe Photoshop yet costs 90% less.





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Paint Shop Deluxe is a powerful and comprehensive piece of software that helps you make your photos look amazing, due to the useful features the software is enhanced with.

Here are some key features of "Paint Shop Deluxe":

· Sophisticated painting tools including brushes that simulate natural media
· Industry-standard pen tool for precision drawing
· Industry-standard palette and color picker
· 48 Built-in Image Filters
· User Defined Filters
· Common Image File Support, including BMP, GIF, JPG, DIB.
· Hot keys and Menu controlled UNDO and REDO
· Copy to clipboard Function
· Change canvas orientation on the fly
· Custom Degrees Image Rotation with Ant aliasing Support
· Quick and Custom canvas and image size changes
· Multiple shape selection tool
· Image cropping
· Gamma correction
· Many more features.


· Intel Pentium 133 MHz or Higher
· 32 MB RAM.
· 5+ MB Free Hard Drive Space


· 7 days trial
Last updated on July 18th, 2008
Paint Shop Deluxe - This is the main window of Paint Shop Deluxe where you will be able to input the source file.Paint Shop Deluxe - The Adjust menu is where you will be able to find some of Paint Shop Deluxe's useful features.Paint Shop Deluxe - Paint Shop Deluxe allows you to apply filters to your favorite photos. Use this menu in order to do so.

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