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A cool photo makeup program that will make you look gorgeous in no time!

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Photo Makeup Editor is an easy to use photo makeup application that provides several face enhancement tools through a straightforward interface.

While most of you expect a crowded interface with tons of features, Photo Makeup Editor is pretty different and tries to offer a more intuitive approach that's better addressed to beginners.

The purpose of the program is quite simple: open any photo and use the available makeup tools to make you look better.

There are several utilities at your disposal, including a lipstick, rouge, eye shadow and powder, but also line eyelids and eye color adjuster. Plus, you can reduce and remove wrinkles and even add suntan or lighten up the skin. Of course, you can also change the color or the hair and control a number of settings, such as brightness, contrast and color.

All features are easily accessible via the main window and although it's pretty easy to use them all, we've found one thing that may bother some of the users.

For example, while the size of the brush can be easily adjusted from the main window, you can change the default settings with the help of keyboard shortcuts, as it's the case of many photo editing tools on the market.

Plus, there is no configuration tool, so you're not able to set hotkeys or change any other setting of the application, so you are stuck with the default configuration.

The results of a comprehensive makeup process could be amazing, if you're ready to spend some time playing with all the available features. Photo Makeup Editor is indeed a powerful piece of software, you just need to be patient and use the makeup tools in the right way.

As a conclusion, Photo Makeup Editor might come in handy to many users out there, especially thanks to the fact that it boasts such a straightforward look. Not to mention that it needs just a low amount of computer resources to work properly.

Photo Makeup Editor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 13th, 2012
Photo Makeup Editor - From the main window of Photo Makeup Editor you can access all the makeup tools availablePhoto Makeup Editor - The File menu of Photo Makeup Editor enables you to export the final image to various formatsPhoto Makeup Editor - The Image menu of Photo Makeup Editor helps you easily increase or decrease the picture's brightnessPhoto Makeup Editor - In the Virtual Plastic Surgery window you can reshape the face and the body or resize facial features

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