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A feature-rich, reliable and open-source photo editor that you can use to enhance your graphic collection using an assortment of effects and tools

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PhotoDemon is a photo editor that stands out from the crowd through its exquisite selection of effects and tools that can be used for enhancing an image collection. Its rich feature set is accompanied by an intuitive interface that emphasizes on usability and accessibility.

Imports images from various sources

The application enables you to work on multiple images at the same time, opening each one in a separate tab. Since it allows batch operations, you can edit, rename or convert multiple pictures at once.

Some of the most common graphic formats are supported, namely BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, JP2, JXR, PPM, TGA and WEBP. Aside from locally stored files, PhotoDemon can load images from the clipboard, a connected scanner or a digital camera or an online source. Alternatively, you can use the screenshot capturing tool to take a snapshot of the entire desktop or a window and import it.

Diverse and powerful selection of tools and graphic effects

PhotoDemon can resize, crop, rotate and flip images or convert them to isometric view. You can use it to generate tile collages and change the metadata of a picture.

The range of functions it comprises is diverse enough to meet the requirements of all users as far as basic editing options are concerned. It enables you to make adjustments to the brightness and the constrast levels, modify the white balance, change the vibrance, the black and white levels, fine tune the lighting (exposure, gamma, shadow, temperature etc.) and the color balance, apply photo filters and generate the image histogram.

The assortment of effects is just as rich, including artistic filters, blur and distort options, embossing and engraving, noise adjustments and more. And if the predefined collection is not enough for you, PhotoDemon assists you in creating your own custom filter.

An open-source photo editor with an impressive range of features

Available in multiple languages, PhotoDemon is a powerful tool that bundles a carefully selected set of tools ready to help you improve the quality of your images and make them more eye-catching.

Delivered inside a lightweight package, it does not require installation and can be launched directly from a removable device. The design-oriented look makes it suitable for all users, while its macro recording capabilities help you automate common tasks.

PhotoDemon was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 30th, 2015
PhotoDemon - Aside from locally stored images, PhotoDemon can also load pictures from a connected scanner or a camera.PhotoDemon - You can use PhotoDemon to change the transparency level of a photo, rotate, flip it or perform cropping operations.PhotoDemon - screenshot #3PhotoDemon - screenshot #4PhotoDemon - screenshot #5PhotoDemon - screenshot #6PhotoDemon - screenshot #7PhotoDemon - screenshot #8PhotoDemon - screenshot #9PhotoDemon - screenshot #10PhotoDemon - screenshot #11PhotoDemon - screenshot #12

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