A handy and comprehensive photo editor
PhotoFlair is a sotware that besides the patented Retinex technology it also offers a batch mode and many commonly used photo editing and digital image editing tools.

Main features:

  • Retinex - The star feature of PhotoFlair digital image enhancement software is its Retinex automatic image enhancement algorithm. This algorithm was developed by NASA and TruView Imaging Co. scientists after several years of extensive research. It has been patented in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and the patents are pending in Europe and other counties. Retinex image enhancement is only available in PhotoFlair and there is nothing like it available in any other digital image enhancement software in the market. Retinex automatic image enhancement is particularly good at correcting underexposed dark areas of an image without effecting correctly exposed areas. It also restores rich colors in an image
  • Autolevels - for automatic histogram modification
  • Levels - for manual histogram modification. “Levels” dialog that allows adjustment of input and output levels for Red, Green, Blue and the composite Value bands
  • Histogram equalization - for automatic histogram modification: uses a different method than autolevels
  • Curves - for manual color-map manipulation. Allows you to modify the Red, Green, and Blue color bands individually in addition to the composite Value band
  • Gamma - for modifying the color-map using the gamma function
  • Sharpen - for image sharpening
  • Blur - for image blurring: useful for suppressing some noise artifacts
  • Despeckle - for removing specular pixels: useful for removing glints
  • Negative - for turning an image into a negative
  • Edge detection - for converting the original into an edge only image
  • Resize - allows the image to be manually resized using one of three resize algorithms. Pixel replication: useful for small scale factors 10% - 200%
  • Gaussian interpolation: slower but better than pixel replication for scales greater than 200%
  • Cubic interpolation: slowest but the best technique for scale factors greater than 200%
  • Image crop - for cropping an image
  • Grayscale - for turning a color image into a grayscale image
  • Rotate - for rotating an image by 90, 180, or 270 degrees, or by an arbitrary angle
  • Flip - for flipping an image horizontally or vertically
  • Other Features
  • Batch Mode - (Only Available in Stand Alone Version not Adobe Plug-Ins) allows you to apply any of the above tools to a large number of images in one single operation. Listed below are some of the features available in Batch Mode: User may specify the output file format (JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, …) directly from the Batch Mode dialog
  • Processed images can be stored in the source directory or a user defined output directory
  • User can display multiple input or output files directly from the batch dialog window
  • Variations - provides 5 variations on the current image: slightly brighter, slighter darker, slightly redder, slightly greener and slightly bluer
  • Formats - image read and write support for JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PPM, and PNG; in the Batch Mode PCD is also supported
  • Page menu - keeps track of the processed images. Has the ability to delete individual processed images
  • Arrow buttons - on the tool bar allow you to easily move back and forth between the original and the processed images by using the right and left arrow buttons
  • Auto Zoom – allows Images to automatically scale to fit the work area
  • Status bar - displays information about image size, cursor location in the image, and the color at that position
  • Progress dialog - allows you to view the output of the commands (Details)
  • User’s manual - A help file and User’s Manual are available to describe all of the features in detail

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TruView Imaging Company
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PhotoFlair - This is the main window of PhotoFlair from where you can access all the features of the application.PhotoFlair - PhotoFlair offers you the possibility to batch convet your images to the desired extension.PhotoFlair - From the Image menu you will be able to rotate, crop, resize and view image statistics.PhotoFlairPhotoFlairPhotoFlair

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