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Gives three dimension effect to your photos

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PhotoShape Classic is an easy to use software solution designed to give a new perspective to your photos by allowing you to rotate it in a tridimensional environment.

Although it may all sound like rocket science, everything's actually very easy to use, mostly thanks to the intuitive interface that greets the user after installation comes to an end.

The main window is being used to adjust the photo by providing all configurable parameters, regardless if we're talking about field dimensions or background colors.

You can thus set up the width and the height of the field, but also change angle and configure the photo position through dedicated vertical, horizontal, depth and turn values.

Another good thing about PhotoShape Classic is that it lets you create a new perspective by moving the photo with your mouse, although not all values can be modified this way.

The output photo can be saved separately with the JPG extension, as PhotoShape Classic also enables you to select quality and file name.

A help file is also included in the package, despite the fact that it only provides minimum information on the available features, but PhotoShape Classic shouldn't give you any headache since it's all so intuitive.

Overall, PhotoShape Classic is clearly a tool that does what it says and tries to address all types of users with the help of a straightforward look and minimum configuration options.

PhotoShape Classic was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 20th, 2012
PhotoShape Classic - This is the main window of PhotoShape Classic that enables you to rotate your image in a tridimensional environment.PhotoShape Classic - From the Files menu, you will be able to select the front and background image and access the applications' settings.PhotoShape Classic - You can easily set the output folder path, format and quality by accessing the Settings window.

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