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A straightforward software solution that you can effortlessly use to generate equal or random slices from an image located on your computer

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Pictures provide a necessary design element when creating web pages or applications. These can be carefully processed with various utilities to get them enhanced or cut into pieces to make them perfectly fit in different templates. PictureClip gives you the possibility to import images and create sections using vertical or horizontal lines.

Draw cutting patterns for the application

The main window represents your workspace, where pictures are imported and prepared for disassembly. Some of the most commonly used image formats can be imported. An upper toolbar is home to all available feature you can make use of.

You are given the possibility to draw vertical or horizontal lines which are used by the application as guidelines to split the image into bits. This is done by selecting the line orientation and simply clicking in the desired place.

Additionally, a feature lets you cut the selected image into a given number of equal parts by automatically placing lines to which you can add your own.

Set output quality and view in HTML

Unfortunately, there is no zoom function that allows you to carefully set where lines to be placed. However, for enhanced precision, while your mouse cursor is hovering over the selected image the position is displayed.

Another feature of the application lets you set the compression/quality for the resulting images. Moreover, a HTML file can be created along with the sections in the same folder, or have the code displayed in a different window.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that PictureClip is a pretty lightweight tool that gives you the possibility to easily cut any image into pieces to use as a pattern or mosaic in various projects. The interface is friendly enough to allow you to quickly accommodate and let you start chopping right away.

PictureClip was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
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