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An innovative graphics editing solution that can offer users new ways of creating and manipulating digital images and photographs

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Most people use image editors to retouch their photos or create simple designs for their documents, emails or web pages. Therefore, most image editors share a number of commonly used features such as red-eye removal and contrast or hue controls. This means that there's often not much to discover when it comes to using such software.

Users might find Pixopedia to be a bit different in this respect.

Easily configurable brushes

Other applications also feature configurable brushes. This one, however, stands out from the rest because of the variety of settings the user has access to.

There are a some of presets, including textured brushes available, but the number of controls and customization options leaves a lot of room for experimentation.

A multitude of effects and filters

The left panel of the main window features a large number of filter and effect categories, ranging from common ones such as blur or sharpen to more curious examples, such as Highpass, Dilate and Top Hat. These, like the brushes, can be thoroughly customized and users can apply them either through the above-mentioned brushes or to selected areas of the image in order to create various results.

Further customization using plugins and scripts

For those who want to delve deeper into image editing and automation using Pixopedia, the application supports both third-party plugins or LUA scripts and comes with small collection of examples to help users get started.

An image editor for those who like to experiment

Pixopedia is a surprisingly well featured image editor that supports a number of tools one would come to expect of such a piece of software, and some that seem to be a bit more exotic. However, while using it to experiment with its various filters, brushes, effects and their options and settings can be very entertaining, putting this application to more serious uses may be a bit daunting because of its cumbersome and sometimes unintuitive interface.

Pixopedia was reviewed by Corneliu Paval
Last updated on March 26th, 2015
Pixopedia - Users can select between multiple drawing modes, such as normal, scaled or erase, by accessing the Draw menu.PixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopediaPixopedia - The main window of the application is tabbed and allows users to select between various graphic tools or bushes.Pixopedia - Color effects that enable users to alter brightness, hues and contrast can be accessed from the dedicated menu.

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