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A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to turn your images to artistic pieces, by applying the Posterize and Oilify effects

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Posterize9 is an intuitive software designed to help you turn any image into an artistic digital painting, by applying the Posterize and Oilify effects.You can easily turn a picture to an artistic piece, by applying several combinations of effects, with just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, you can adjust the amount of manipulation you wish to add to the photo.

Image manipulation for artistic purposes

The software can apply the available effects on any picture, but it works best with portraits, since the features of the face are the most suitable subject for this type of effect. Posterizing an image implies converting continuous gradation of color or luminosity to several regions of fewer tones, with blunt changes from one to another.

Posterizing also creates a slight distortion in the contours of the image and it is most obvious in areas of subtle color variation. A posterized image is flat, with abrupt color transitions and it is generally used in order to help you trace lines or vectorize realistic images.

Digital paintings generated from photos

Posterize9 features three types of posterizing effect that you can apply, based on red, green or blue filter contrast. You can adjust the amount of manipulation you wish to apply to the image, with the help of the slider. The posterizing effect generated by the software strips the image from colors, turning it to a black and white piece.

Additionally, after applying the posterizing effect, you may oilify the image, thus creating the optical illusion of an oil painting. Moreover, you can colorize your picture, with custom colors: simply select the desired tone, then with the hand-shaped cursor click on the shade of gray you wish to colorize. All the pixels of the same shade are instantly converted to color areas.

Quick tool for creating artistic images

The posterize effect can be used to create modern art and it is widely spread in the graphic editing domain. Vectorised photos or animated GIFs may also acquire the posterized look, due to the low image size and quality. With Posterize9 you can apply the above mentioned effect in a controlled amount, in order to create minimal art set up.

Posterize9 was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Posterize9 - Posterize9 is a simple to use application that enables you to turn your images to artistic pieces by applying the posterize effect.Posterize9 - The software enables you to posterize the colors and contours in your image, resulting in an artistic black and white picture.

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