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A simple yet efficient application that allows users to apply various filters to their photos, so as to transform them into the images they want

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Photographs are always looking to snap the best possible shots with their cameras, yet situations in which photographs need some post-processing are numerous. Depending on the type of adjustments that users need to apply to their images, they can opt in for a wide range of tools, such as PostworkShop, a powerful tool that allows them to manipulate photos in various ways.

Intuitive interface

The application comes with an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for users to apply the effects they want to their images, with a minimum of effort. Thus, the tool can easily prove a great option for both beginners and advanced users.

To get started, they simply need to load an image, after which they can start browsing through the various available styles and effects to modify the image in the manner they like the most.

The software comes with a series of pre-loaded styles which are grouped in categories such as Drawing, Painting, Graphic Art, and Photo, and users can switch between them in no time, while also enjoying live preview of their modified image. They can also create their own styles.

Apply pre-processing tweaks

The program provides users with the possibility to make a series of pre-processing modifications to their images. The tool allows users to rotate and resize their images, as well as to change their brightness and contrast, or to modify the saturation levels.

With the help of this utility, users can also add objects to their images, change colors, and even enjoy a Freehand Painting option, so as to create the images they want. A wide range of brushes and other painting tools are available for those interested in this feature.

During our testing, the application proved quite snappy, albeit it started to lag and even froze when we tried making multiple changes fast. Users should also keep in mind that the app's resource usage peaks when it applies filters and starts rendering the modified image.

Powerful photo manipulation capabilities

All in all, PostworkShop offers a great deal of powerful photo manipulation options, allowing users not only to adjust their photos, but also to transform them into paintings or drawings by applying various filters to them. Moreover, they can also exercise their painting skills courtesy of a freehand painting feature.

As a final note, those users who purchased the application before version 3.0 can upgrade to the new release from the developer's website. The upgrade is payed, and its cost differs depending on the software edition that users own.

PostworkShop was reviewed by Ionut Arghire
Last updated on October 9th, 2014
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