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New generation of wavelet noise reduction and color matching software for digital images.





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The PureImage application will combine the most recent research of image processing and includes:

Wavelet Noise Reduction
This is the core of PureImage. Unlike all conventional methods of Noise reduction, our wavelet NR produce much higher quality of noise reduction while retaining image sharpness and details.

Color Correction
We give you the exact tools a digital photography needs.

■ Shadows and Highlights Levels
Adjust the image in Shadows and highlights which will give your dull image a punch

■ Exposure Compensation
Fix a exposure of your image, bring up details from shadows or tone down over-burn image

■ Color Temperature Filter
Adjust image warmer or Colder and fix a color cast from flash or wrong White balance.

■ Color Boost
Boost colors to make your image Vivid (this is NOT the same as a conventional saturation)

There are few Advanced Processing presets for better tuning the NR algorithm

■ Default Mode
Performs well on most digital camera images. You can fine-tune the NR level and edge sharpness.

■ Nature Mode
Retain fine details in outdoor images with lots of trees, flowers and grass

■ Portrait Mode
Keep natural facial texture on close-up portrait photography to avoid a "face-lift" look of the model.

■ High Noise Mode
Works on very high level of noise produced by high ISO settings. Even some of the most extreme cases could be restored.

■ Scanner Mode
Remove Moire pattern from high resolution scans using special descreen filter.

Here are some key features of "PureImage NR":

■ Advanced Noise reduction
■ RAW file support
■ Quick constant preview of the noise being reduced
■ Optimized Color Matching and Correction
■ Has build-in rotation tool
■ Advanced Descreen filter
■ Curves and Histogram display
■ High quality JPEG output with Auto-Quality
■ Supports various input/output formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, RAW etc..
■ Drag and Drop files from explorer
■ Open Next/Prev file in folder with one button


■ 30 days trial
■ Nag Screen
■ This is a Trial version. Saved file with trial version will have a small text in bottom corner but otherwise it is fully functional.
Last updated on July 5th, 2008
PureImage NR - In the main window of PureImage you will be able to select the images to load.PureImage NR - From the Histogram window of PureImage you will be able to select the effects to add.PureImage NR - From the Memory Settings window of of PureImage you will be able to set the image block, and size.

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