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An easy to use piece of software that allows you and others to design custom toolbars which can then be inserted into an application's interface





Toolbar Paint is a straightforward application designed for all those who need to create their own application toolbars. With it, developers can design toolbars that have a large number of custom icons and export them to be used in their apps.

The application features support for 16 and 256 colors, as well as 24 and 32 bit graphics. It can also house 64 custom size buttons per image list which can range between 16 and 48 pixels.

Creating the toolbars relies on the use of classic pen, brush, text, eraser, fill, gradient, color swap and other tools. Toolbar Paint displays a user-friendly interface with a three pane structure. The first contains the custom color palette which you can use to select the colors you need, the second is the actual drawing space where you can create the icons and finally, the third provides the actual tools.

While creating the icons, though working at pixel level, Toolbar Paint allows you to nudge the designs in any direction you want. It also offers a preview for the icon in actual size and doubled. All the icons you make are displayed in a bottom panel and you can access them with a simple click.

Toolbar Paint enables you to use both vertical and horizontal gradient fills and also offers you the use of a shape tool. If required, the application makes it possible to switch an existing color to a newly selected one. Moreover, you are able to invert the image as well as convert it to grayscale.

Masks can be generated while saving and the created toolbars can be loaded directly from the .exe and .dll files.

Toolbar Paint offers support for plug-ins that allow you to export the buttons as .ico files as well as animated icons.
Last updated on August 29th, 2004
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