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Powerful vector drawing tool that helps you create brochures, logos, cartoons and presentations from scratch, while providing support for additional features such as charts, tables, maps, text editor, image enhancement options, calendars and more

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VDraw is a graphic editor designed specifically for helping you create brochures, product covers, business presentations and other similar projects using a set of vector drawing tools, various symbols and graphic templates, barcodes, charts, as well as clipart objects.

User interface and importing/exporting options

The GUI may look a bit overwhelming at a first glance as the program embeds a comprehensive suite of drawing tools and editing features. If the layout looks two crowded, you may opt for hiding several elements from the view.

Data can be imported from SVG file format, and you may print the generated drawing or export it to PDF, SVG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EMF file format.

Editing features

Basic editing options enable you to undo or redo your actions, cut, copy, paste or delete the selected object, copy or paste the image to or from the clipboard, lock or unlock several components, as well as group several items.

VDraw comes with a comprehensive suite of editing tools, such as different types of brushes, special effects for personalizing the final look of the drawing (e.g. 3D effects, envelope, distortion, filling options, shadow), color palette, as well as various stroke styles.

Handy tools can be used for arranging an object in the drawing, as you may flip it, rotate it to different angles, as well as bring layers to the front or send them to the back.

Image enhancement tools

VDraw allows you to import photos (e.g. JPEG, BMP, WMF, EMF) in order to alter them. You may add frames and borders, adjust the contrast, color balance and saturation, resize and crop the pictures, lighten or darken the images, as well as apply special effects (e.g. emboss, blur, edge, gray scale), add noise and remove red eyes.

Text, tables, charts, calendars and other smart tools

The application lets you add custom text notes (which can be modified in terms of font, size and alignment), activate the spell checking feature for detecting possible errors, insert tables with user-defined number of rows and columns, and merge or split cells.

Last but not least, you may create one or two-dimensional barcodes, generate a GIF animation, keep track of all your layers with a dedicated manager, create a business presentation using flow and organizational charts, share points and marketing charts, as well as generate calendars.

An overall efficient vector drawing app and editor

All in all, VDraw integrates an impressive suite of editing features for helping you create personalized newsletters, flyers, posters, maps, calendars, and pretty much every type of presentation that may include tables, charts and custom text.

VDraw was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 22nd, 2015
VDraw - The application's intuitive interface provides users with fast access to various functions and capabilitiesVDraw - A right-click on the workspace allows users to easily access different drawing options or to flip the selected objectVDraw - Users can apply a wide range of effects to their drawings, including 3D ones, shadow, gloss and gradientVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDrawVDraw

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