ZModeler 3.0.9 Build 1090

A practical, reliable and effective application that will perform standard Direct3D-based rendering, so you can see what you are modelling

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What's new in ZModeler 3.0.9 Build 1088:

  • The only visible changes you might notice are related to materials browser. The following options on material properties has changed:
  • Emissive color have been moved to "Advanced colors" group and got configuration options as the rest of advanced colors: e.g. it could be masked by some map/channel.
  • Ignore vertex color option can be turned on/off, so per-vertex color can store shader-specific information and not visualized as mesh color. For example, each color component could be used as transition for some texture maps.
  • U,V Tile replaces "Scale" of texture map. Tiling on U and V can be configured separately. The value of tile is inverse of scale, so the higher tile value, the smaller texture will appear on a model.
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ZModeler - With the help of ZModeler you are able to edit and create new prefabs for ETS2ZModeler - From the File menu you have the possibility to create a new project and save itZModeler - You can navigate to the View menu if you want to browse for specific materials and texturesZModelerZModelerZModelerZModelerZModelerZModelerZModeler
ZModeler is a full-featured 3D modelling application that aims to assist graphic designers generate low and average-detailed scenery, objects and textures, which can be used for real-time game rendering.

Unlike other similar software solutions, this application is intended exclusively for creating standard 3D artwork and cannot perform photo-realistic renderings. Its purpose is to help you find a balance between model and texture details and the game performance, in order to offer users enhanced gaming experience.

Although it lacks some important modelling functions (such as extruding or an advanced lighting and shading system), ZModeler can be used for complex modelling endeavours. With its intuitive interface, it enables both beginners and professional users to easily manipulate 3D objects and take advantage of its range of tools in order to create complex meshes.

The application allows you to view the model from different perspectives and get a preview of the final output. It comes with importing and exporting capabilities and it is compatible with a variate range of mesh formats.

ZModeler does not support other forms of modeling than polygonal and splines. The material editor is designed to assist you in texturing 3D models as accurately as possible, although it cannot compute high-detailed objects.

Lighting can be generated by using gradient effects for dynamic reflection maps. Additionally, the application enables you to combine different methods for generating realistic shading effects.

It supports anti-aliasing and it enables you to map surfaces, trace images and blueprints, manipulate normals and work with contours, textures, shapes, faces, edges and vertexes.

While it cannot help you apply modern rendering techniques, ZModeler comes with all the necessary tools for the accurate modelling of real-world objects in a virtual, user-friendly environment. It can help you generate effects that can viewed during gameplay, while keeping things simple for beginner designers.

ZModeler was reviewed by , last updated on January 7th, 2015

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit


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