AccuTrans 3D 2.12.1

An application designed to provide accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs.

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What's new in AccuTrans 3D 2.12.1:

  • Added an option that uses the OpenGL view window to convert a 3D mesh to 2D lines which are outlines drawn around the outer edges of all visible layers. The lines will be in the XY plane placed at Z equals zero.
  • When converting a DEM landscape to a polygon mesh, an option was added to drop from the mesh those polygons that are just at sea level while keeping all polygons below sea level.
  • Added support for using an OpenGL off-screen PBuffer (Pixel Buffer) instead of using the main OpenGL view window when creating images for some use which means that the main OpenGL view window can be partially or completed covered during the operation.
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14 AccuTrans 3D Screenshots:
AccuTrans 3D - This is the main window of AccuTrans 3D, where you will be able to access all the features of the application.AccuTrans 3D - From the Prefs menu of AccuTrans 3D, you will be able to customize the toolbar.AccuTrans 3D - The Layers menu of AccuTrans 3D will enable you to adjust materials.AccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3DAccuTrans 3D
AccuTrans 3D is a lightweight tool that allows you to read and write file formats that belong to some of the most popular modelling applications out today.

With it you are able to view and edit 3D Metafile, 3D Studio, AutoCAD DXF, CableMod, DirectX, Google Earth KMZ, Turbo Silver, Kerkythea, Maya, VideoScape, Wavefront and many other formats. It allows you to save a mesh from an M by N array of XYZ coordinates found in an Ascii file, as well as transfer attributes from one model to another.

The list of what AccuTrans 3D can do is fairly long and you get a great sense of that once you see the main window of the application. It displays a comprehensive interface despite the large number of icons and tools that are spread out all across the margins of the main window. This isn’t necessarily something bad but if you’re just starting to use AccuTrans 3D, it’s going to take you some time to memorize them.

All the files you load into the application can be freely explored by rotating them around all the three axes and can also be zoomed in and out. When converting a file the application is capable of transferring reflection, specularity, Phong shading and color. Moreover, you can also convert a list of 3D files in batch mode a feature that can greatly speed up the migration of a project from one design environment to another.

In case you need to gather objects that are stored in more than two formats and convert them into a single one, the application offers you the possibility to use use up to 12 work areas in which you can edit each individual file.

With the above to consider and much more to discover about AccuTrans 3D it’s safe to say that it can be the complete solution to editing and 3D geometry translation.

AccuTrans 3D was reviewed by , last updated on January 17th, 2014

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