AnimatLab Pro 2.1.2

An efficient and comprehensible software application designed to help you run biomechanical simulations in an interactive environment
AnimatLab Pro is a simple, easy to use application specially designed to combine biomechanical simulation and biologically realistic neural networks.

You can build the body of an animal, robot, or other machine and place it in a virtual world where the physics of its interaction with the environment are accurate and realistic.

You can then design a nervous system that controls the behavior of the body in the virtual world.

By using AnimatLab Pro, you can easily generate biologically realistic neural networks.

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October 10th, 2014, 5:08 GMT
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AnimatLab Pro - AnimatLab Pro allows you to generate advanced and realistic biomechanical simulation processes.AnimatLab Pro - From the File menu integrated in AnimatLab Pro, you can open a project from the disk or you can create a new one.AnimatLab Pro - From the Edit menu of AnimatLab Pro, you can access the macros window, in order to perform various tests with your project.AnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab Pro
What's New in This Release:
  • The first version of the AnimatLab Robotics Framework is released! It has taken longer than I hoped it would to get this release finished. However, I ended up having to add a lot more features than I thought I would have to in order to make it really useful. Getting the release and tutorials out is such a big job that I wanted to get more functionality in before I had to deal with that. There is still more work to do to get the robotics framework to do all the things I want, but I felt this was a good stopping point where I could get it out into the hands of other people to start using.
  • The new robotics framework takes AnimatLab beyond pure neuromechanical simulation, and makes it very easy for almost anyone to build real, biologically inspired robots that use nervous systems based on how real animals control their behaviors. The framework makes it easy because it takes most of the difficult engineering work of interfacing with the hardware out of the equation. You can build very complex, biomimetic robots without having to write a single line of source code, or know anything beyond some very basics of electronics, and all of this using commercial off the shelf components.
  • You can build AnimatLab simulations just as you are used to doing, and later on add robot part interfaces that connect motorized joints and sensors to corresponding real servos and sensors, and your neural control system does not know, or care, whether it is talking to real hardware or the simulation. I have also added controls to allow you to use joysticks and other interfaces to interact with the nervous system simulation. So for instance, you can use a wireless joystick to move a robot arm within your simulation.
  • The Robotics Framework runs in both 32 bit and 64 bit windows, and it runs on Ubuntu. I have also tested it on both an Odroid U3 and NVIDIA Jetson TK1 micro-computer.
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