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An efficient and comprehensible software application designed to help you run biomechanical simulations in an interactive environment





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AnimatLab Pro is a simple, easy to use application specially designed to combine biomechanical simulation and biologically realistic neural networks.

You can build the body of an animal, robot, or other machine and place it in a virtual world where the physics of its interaction with the environment are accurate and realistic.

You can then design a nervous system that controls the behavior of the body in the virtual world.

By using AnimatLab Pro, you can easily generate biologically realistic neural networks.
Last updated on October 18th, 2014
AnimatLab Pro - AnimatLab Pro allows you to generate advanced and realistic biomechanical simulation processes.AnimatLab Pro - From the File menu integrated in AnimatLab Pro, you can open a project from the disk or you can create a new one.AnimatLab Pro - From the Edit menu of AnimatLab Pro, you can access the macros window, in order to perform various tests with your project.AnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab ProAnimatLab Pro

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