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An application that provides you color measurement and analysis






BabelColor CT&A lets you select, compare, and convert color samples from twenty preset RGB spaces, and a custom space that you can define with any Illuminant, primaries and gamma, in a color-managed environment.

You can also select and convert colors from color catalogues (Color Decks); the provided catalogues are the colors of British Standard 5252, FED-STD-595B, Munsell, and RAL CLASSIC, and you can create your own catalogue by exporting a color list (ex. A Pantone color list saved in CxF format) using the 'BabelColor CT&A Export' dialog of the PatchTool program (purchase of PatchTool not required for this export).

When connected to an Eye-One Pro (from X-Rite), you get these powerful spectral tools: a full featured densitometer; a RAL DESIGN converter tool; a unique set of Metamerism analysis tools to evaluate the constancy (i.e. shift) of colors under various lights, including two of your own lights; ambient illumination (ex.: light booths) and monitor evaluation tools based on ISO 3664, with the possibility of printing a single page report for compliance assessment; a multi-purpose graph tool where two inputs in any measurement mode (Emission, Ambient, Flash, or Reflectance) can be compared; and a set of tools to measure paper whiteness, brightness, fluorescence, and opacity, as well as measure white and black backings compliance.

For photographers, press operators, graphic and web designers, product and textile designers, scientists, hobbyists. BabelColor is an application that provides you color measurement and analysis.
Last updated on December 31st, 2014
BabelColor CT&A - BabelColor CT&A will provide users with easy yet comprehensive color measurement and analysisBabelColor CT&A - The RGB vs RGB section of the application will help you compare two distinct modes of your own choiceBabelColor CT&A - Users will be able to access options such as CAT matrices, Illuminant data, RGB to XYZ matrices or Space data within the Tables menuBabelColor CT&A - screenshot #4BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #5BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #6BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #7BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #8BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #9BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #10BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #11BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #12BabelColor CT&A - screenshot #13