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Barcode Decoder & Encoder

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With the help of a simple and clean UI, you can quickly upload a BMP image and scan the barcode. The application allows you to decode it and the message is displayed in a binary format.

Barcode Decoder & Encoder also allow you to encode or create your personalized barcode, which you can edit by adding a custom text, and by adjusting the size of the narrow and wide bars in the image.
Last updated on May 21st, 2015
Barcode Decoder & Encoder - You can add a BMP image and decode it, which displays the content in a binary formatBarcode Decoder & Encoder - You can create a new barcode by typing a custom text, selecting the thickness of the narrow and wide bars, and saving it to your PC

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Read barcodes from image files or create your own, customized ones, using Code 39 algorithms, in a couple of easy and simple steps


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