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A Java-based application that enables you to transform your images into mosaics built with LEGO bricks and thus give them a special look

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BrickMosaic can transform your photos to such extent that it turns them into beautiful brick mosaics, which can be then saved to your computer and used as wallpapers. It takes just a few moments to configure the color range and your mosaic is ready.

Turn a photo into a mosaic

Built in Java, the application can be used on all the major platforms. It provides support for some of the most popular graphic formats, but note that it can only process one image at a time, since batch operations are not allowed.

Its interface is simple and easy to get accustomed with, since all the options are one-click away. The main window comprises a few customization options that enable you to change the tile and the brick size of the mosaic, along with details about the loaded image (its size, colors, tiles and number of bricks).

Generate colorful mosaics out of your photo

The input image can be optimized with BrickMosaic by modifying its width and height, choosing the tile and the brick size.

The next step requires you to pick the colors you want to include in the mosaic. The palette includes anything from sand yellow and earth blue to lavender and bright purple. The more colors you choose, the more time it takes for the application to process your request.

BrickMosaic enables you to preview the output before proceeding, so that you can decide upon the best color mix. It's up to you to combine colors and hues to such manner that the resulting mosaic looks great.

Build beautiful brick mosaics

BrickMosaic can easily build a mosaic out of any photo on your computer, with custom tile size and artistic looks. Furthermore, it can count the necessary components and generate a list in XML format to show you how many bricks you need to purchase.

BrickMosaic was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
BrickMosaic - You can use BrickMosaic to transform an image into a mosaic built with LEGO bricks.BrickMosaic - The image is automatically resized so that it can be transformed into a mosaic with BrickMosaic.BrickMosaic - You can easily choose the LEGO colors you want to include in the output mosaic.

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